My wife and me together with James Last and his wife Christine


SORRY, for my certainly poor english translation, 

but that's all what I could remember from school.

It's a long time since...

But before I start to report, some private comments:


If ever newspapers, magazines, radio-stations and television-organizations reports about me and my hobby, always James Last regards -as a matter of course- as my IDOL. But for me he wasn't. IDOLs for me are always human 'beings like Mother Teresa, Margot Kaessmann, Albert Schweitzer, Jean Ziegler, Dr. Albrecht Hennig or Karlheinz Boehm, which everyone should try to emulate.


But for me, the fact it's very COMMENDABLE, in spite of his great success, James (HANSI) Last always was an human 'being! In my personal opinion he contributes a lot more for the international understanding like the politicians! All together for me it's quite simple SUPER! For it, I'm gratefull to him, I appreciate the fact that he was an extremely human 'being and his generous behaviour.

James Last was a very great composer, arranger and played music, with it he makes me very happy for the most part of my life. Needless to say, this will continue in the future too. By the common love to his wonderful music, I found a lot and especially  REAL  friends from all over the world!


Last but not least:  For me it's completely natural, accordingly myself behaved me to him and his next of kins.

* * * * *

But now I'm getting started...

My name is Guenter Krueger. I'm living in Berlin. Since more like 45 years I'm married very happy with my wife Karin! Our two childrens are our full pride and joy. They "enforced" grown up with the music of James Last and I really hope it doesn't matter anything... As well, in the meantime we've got a very delightful and lovable daughter-in-law too. Great!                                                                                                

My three greatest passions:
1.   The love to my wife and my childrens!  
2.   The love of James Last's music!                                    
3.   The love to Scotland and his inhabitants!

 Last but not least, at the end of 2005, we got a very nice and cleverly grandson!


If ever I have to decide me for one of the last two points, my choice would be SCOTLAND! But in any case I would take numbers of CDs and DVDs from James Last with me and up to the Scottish Highlands. - Our 40th wedding day naturally we celebrated in Scotland. Not least, there we already have two plots of land, one in JOHN O' GROATS and the other one in the area of GLENCOE.




GLENCOE (Scotland)




JOHN O' GROATS (Scotland)


The first record of James Last I bought, "Non Stop Dancing 9", it was a present to my wife in 1969. Till 1982,  I only bought records from James Last, which belongs to his repertoire and I really love. - Only a few releases of him I really don't like.

Followed by this till 1982 I only bought approximate by 120-130 LPs. But from 1982, after his open-air-concert over here in Berlin ("Berliner Waldbuehne"), I've got -like I call it- the big "James Last-fever". Since that time I'm buying and collecting everything what I can get from or about James Last and his orchestra and chorus.

Every weekend and at every weather conditions (since 1982 when I got the great "James Last-fever"), I'm walking over many kinds of flea-markets over here in Berlin. I'm regulary visiting various record-fairs and asking from time to time in 2nd hand record-shops in Berlin and other places for items of James Last. At every time I have search-advertisings in several newspapers and magazines too.

All James Last-items which were released in different countries and which demonstrate considerable differences at the covers design I'm collecting too. If only "printed in ... " or the number are the only differences, that‘s not sufficient to be collected by me!

In a lot of countries -for excample- in Scotland, England, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Italy, China, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Korea, Switzerland, Russia, Chile, Peru, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, France, Australia, USA, Venezuela, Japan and even in Germany(!), I've got a lot of real good and sincerely James Last-friends, we are joined together through the joy of listening to the music of James Last. We all together supply each of us to obtain the latest informations from or about James Last & his orchestra. Naturally we help each of us to obtain LPs, Singles, CDs, MCs and so on too.

I'm only collecting music-items exclusively played by the orchestra James Last (or orchestra Hans Last). As "sampler" described items, which include only one or a few tracks from or with James (Hans) Last, I don‘t collect! Because I know, they aren't real and completely James Last-items!

Sometimes it could be possible, I have to buy a "sampler" in any case. For example, if there is only one track from/ with James Last released, which is impossible to find anywhere, but only for this reason!

My private James Last-collection includes exclusively original CDs, LPs, MCs, EP-MCs, DVDs, singles (7"), EP-singles (7"), MP3-CDs, 8 track-tapes, buy-videos and open reels (tapes), VCDs, Maxi-singles (12"), CD-singles, DCC-tapes, Maxi-CDs, Laser-Discs (LD), shape-CDs and CardDiscs.


Following by tourprogrammes, tourposters, backstage passes, sheets of music, books and everything else I can get from and about James Last his orchestra and chorus. At the end, I have a lot of promotion-releases as well as LPs, CDs, CD-ROMs, MCs, DVDs, videos, singles (7"). As well I have a few AZETAT-singles in my collection. AZETAT-singles are test-pressings of different tracks of James Last which never have been released before.  They partly are UNIKATEs and for me, these are little "rarties"!

Last but not least, I'm a little proud owner of a numerous of GOLDEN-LPs, PLATINUM-CDs and a few GOLDEN-CDs. My numerous clippings from newspapers, illustrated catalogues, pictures and a lot more, I don't count in, certainly it would be too much...

To the above listed medien, you have to add more like 1000 hours of TV- and radio-recordings on DVD and CD with and about James Last. Mostly they are recordings from Scottish, English, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, South-African, German, Dutch and American TV and radio-stations. I believe I nearly owe all whatever was broadcasted all the years.

Long time ago before his career as a most successful leader of an orchestra, James Last has composed and arranged a lot of items for other artists as well. Whether as James Last or as well as the orchestra Hans Last, he produced a lot of recordings  with different artists like Wencke Myhre, Die Blaumeisen, Lolita, George Walker, Freddy Quinn, Yovanna, Mariona, Teeny November, Robert Henning, Hanne Wieder, Kid Clausen or Lale Andersen to mention just only few of them. Of course, those items belong to my collect too!

Items, which James Last recorded by a "pseudonym", e.g. ORLANDO, see LP/ MC "Dreaming Of Love" (in Germany released as  "Musikalische Liebestraeume"), are naturally included too.

In the meantime, I surely possess his whole repertoire which officially was released by his name of birth "HANS LAST" and/ or by his artist name "JAMES LAST (created by his record company) - - - and much more!

On reason of my collecting-activities, I've got a lot double items of James Last. This happens because I often have to buy all items from a supplier (dealer) to get the only one item I need for my collection (otherwise he doesn't sell me anything!).

I have extensive lists of James Last-items for swap. I already have a lot of James Last items in my collection. On this reason, it could be impossible to swap, than I would sell these items for cost prices. Of course all items are in very good condition, a lot of them are still new!          If anyone is looking for special items from or about James Last, naturally she/ he can send me her/ his wanted list(s) - I nearly can get a lot too...

My movingly private picture of Hansi


My "workingplace" - Via Internet to all over the world...


A few experiences and events as James Last-fan and -collector of the past :

On 12th November 1983 -only my wife and I- have been present at the recordings for the LP, CD and MC "Superlast" in the recording studio of Polydor in Hamburg. After the recordings have been finished, we go with Hansi in our car to a very lovely restaurant in Hamburg. There we had an easy going evening - only with Hansi and nearly all of his musicians.


Advertising poster for "Superlast"


LP "Superlast"


CD "Superlast"


MC "Superlast"


1987 and 1989 -the "GDR" and the "Berlin-Wall" were present- I was in EAST-Berlin where I could enjoy his unforgettable concerts in the "Palast der Republik". Have a look on the video, LD, CD, LP and MC "The Berlin Concert '87". At these times, for me as WEST-Berliner, it was really impossible to get tickets for these legendary concerts.

But anyway, in the end it was possible for me to managed it and could enjoy a few of them - LIVE!



East-Berlin - Palast der Republik - 1987


Tickets for 1987 and 1989


In more like 30 years of my collecting mania, I frequented a lot James Last-concerts in Scotland, Netherlands, Belgie, England and naturally a lot of concerts in Germany too. - My wife and I were present at different TV-recordings with James Last, his orchestra and choir in Germany and foreign countries too.


1989 my wife and I were invited as guests of his party to his 60th birthday in Bremen (Germany), where he was born on 17th April 1929 as Hans Last.


On the occasion of the forthcoming James Last-tours 2004 through Scotland, Ireland and England and from October through Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, I had the opportunity to be present on 6th November 2003 at the press conference with James Last here in Berlin. Afterwards numerous tv-recordings with James Last have been taken. During this event, which went on for nearly the whole day some more very interesting contacts had been resulted...  

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The record-company of James Last (Universal/ Polydor) published a press-CD-Rom about James Last. On this item, they only mentioned my private James Last-fanpage (with direct link).


On the occasion of the European tour 2006 ("The LAST tour 2006") I had the possibility on 2nd November 2005, to be present at the press conference with James Last here in Berlin again.

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While all these years different newspapers as well as some radio- and tv-stations have reported now and then about me and my hobby. - For excample, the bigest tabloid from Berlin ("BZ") visited us in our home and produced a large two-page-report about me and my hobby "James Last". - The radio-station ("Berliner Rundfunk") broadcasted some interviews about me and my hobby "James Last".


One of the biggest Berlin newspapers ("Berliner Zeitung"), published on 27th November 2002 a story about me and my hobby.

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At 17th October 2006 James Last got the STAR STERN award in the Fernweh-Park in Hof (Oberfranken). On this event, my wife and I have been the exclusive guests of honour.

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In March 2006, a company asked my help to realisize the DVD "Live in der Waldbuehne Berlin". I gave my orig. programme and my orig. tickets from 1982 at disposal for the booklet.

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The austrian TV (ORF) had the idea, to make a big surprise for James Last while his appearance in the LIVE TV-show "Musikantenstadl" in the town of Riesa with a presentation of a very large selection of his published records. They asked me for help. My wife and I were present as guests of honour.

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On reason of world-premiere of the feature film "Warum Maenner nicht zuhoeren und Frauen schlecht einparken" (James Last composed and played the soundtrack), I've got an officially written invitation. For my wife and me it was a great pleasure to meet James -Hansi- Last and his wife Christine in person again.


The magazine "mach mal Pause", issue 50 of 5th December 2007, published a short report about me and my hobby.


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On 8th April 2015, the BERLINER WOCHE produced a report about me and my hobby and was published in different regional editions. With it, they reached around 400.000 - 500.000 readers...

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At the time of the farewell tour "NON STOP MUSIC 2015", especially for HANSI, the MedienPoint Tempelhof organized a hommage. Nearly all displayed items were lent from my private  James Last-collection.


In 2015, the German tv-station rbb reported three times about me and my hobby. These were broadcasted in April, July and Dec. 2015 in the tv-magazin of rbb "zibb", followed in Jan. 2016 by an further report in "rbb UM 4".


In December 2002, the ARD ("national radio and television network in Germany") produced a report about me and my hobby, incl. a very personal meeting with James Last, his wife Christine, my wife Karin and me. After the recordings have been finished and the TV-team has gone, my wife and I had exclusively with James Last and his wife a few very private conversations of a few hours.This report was broadcasted on 7th January 2003 at 7:15 pm in the ARD-magazine "BRISANT", followed by some repeats of regional TV-stations.

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I have met James Last and his wife Christine personally here in Berlin on 29th November 1999.


A TV-team of the ARD ("national radio and television network in Germany") visited us in our home and recorded the story about my hobby. This story was broadcasted on 14th May 2001 in the programme "Polylux", followed by several repeats.


On James Last's 75th birthday, the radio station RBB, frequency 88.8 and earlier well known as "Sender Freies Berlin" (SFB) broadcasted -as part of the weekly show "Deutsches Gold"- a big JAMES LAST-SPECIAL. For this LIVE-broadcasting on 14th April 2004, from 10:05 pm - 12:00 pm, I chosed all tracks, did the order of broadcasting and put my corresponding storage mediums at disposal too. While broadcasting I gave full explanations about my hobby to the presenter Michael Bolien. This JAMES LAST-SPECIAL was broadcasted worldwide by satellite (ASTRA 1B) and could be heard in the internet too. Thanks to the numbers of listeners in Germany and all the other countries for their kindly resonance.

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The most readed newspaper in Germany, "Sueddeutsche Zeitung", published on 25th November 2006, while "The LAST Tour 2006", a report about James Last and me of nearly one side.

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On reason of the James Last concert-tour 2011, in November 2010 a TV-team recorded in our home too. Parts of it were broadcasted in the TV-programme "James Last at Last - Lena Ganschow trifft den Meister des "Happy Sound" on 3rd April 2011 at 19.10 CET on the TV-station "3sat".

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In the middle of the year 2005, a record company asked me for help. They were planning to realisize a 3 or 4 CD-box about James Last. They thought about producing another of these hundreds of same compilations. But see yourself...

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ZEIT ONLINE published an nice article about me and my hobby and is still published in the Internet.

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On 23th April 2009 the James Last-tour ("Mit 80 Jahren um die Welt") starts in Bayreuth (Germany). On this reason the newspaper "Frankenpost" published in her edition from 24th/ 25th April 2009 a story about me and my hobby. Sorry, no translation.


On 9th March 2009 Michael Augustin and Walter Weber from Radio Bremen visited me at home. While an conversation over 4 hours, I gave informations about my hobby and my James Last-collection. Parts of this conversation and a few examples of my collection were broadcasted on 12th April 2009 by the station "Nordwestradio" in the feature "They call me Hansi" and was repeated same day in the programme "Freistil" of the radiostation "Deutschlandfunk". 


In 2014, on reason of Hansi's 85. birthday a few repeats were broadcasted by the "Nordwestradio" again. - Thanks for the positive resonance of lots of listeners at home and from abroad

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The district-magazine LICHTENRADER MAGAZIN (Berlin) published in his monthly issue of June 2015 a report about me and my hobby.


To my pleasure, I received an very personal e-mail from the great canadian singer George Walker (LP/ MC "James Last presents George Walker").

But from time to time, I get e-mails etc. from former members of the James Last-orchestra and choir too.

So far, this was something about me and my hobby.

Who now feels doing to write me for contact, please send me an e-mail. Of course I would be pleased about every letter with proposals, opinions, questions, wishes or new informations. Every criticism -no matter if positive or negative- are welcome. But always they must be objective and fair! Then, you can be sure, you get an answer from me. You'll find my e-mail-address in the lower area of each side of my James Last-fanpage. Sorry, but only as graphic. Otherwise I would get to much SPAM e-mails by special "search engines".

Sorry, something else:

NEVER I was the person who asked the mediums like newspapers, radio- and tv-stations, the recording company or whomever to report about me and my hobby. ALWAYS the initiative came of the proper authority or the responsible persons. - For me, this fact it's very important!

See you soon ...


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